We are Kelowna's #1 choice for Rubbish Removal.

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Kelowna Junk Removal is there to help anyone who does not have a truck or who does not want to take the truck to the local sanitation landfill.

Many home & business owners do not have a truck and hence no physical means to transport anything to the dump or recycle depot.

That is where we come in, we offer 2 men with 1 or 1.5 ton trucks (8'w x 13.5'l x 6'h).

    • Home Owners & Contractors

    Yard trimmings & waste Drywall, wood, appliances, carpeting and general renovation waste.

    Hauling away all construction material including drywall, wood waste, metals, & insulation from all renovation & new projects.

    • Landlords

    Our experience is 25+ years servicing Central Okanagan Regional District bylaw division, where we have been constantly called out to take care of some of the worst situations that renters can possibly throw at landlords, like grow-ups, old appliances, and the infamous midnight move where the tenants leave all their worthless possessions behind.

    • Businesses

    Hauling away pallettes, old display cases, old computers, old office furniture, office recycling and any business related material.